I will not be afraid to tell such banality, but our mother Earth is quite beautiful. Our planet is fine! And which of us didn't aspire to imprint this beauty? Unfortunately, not all can make it by means of a canvas and paint. Therefore the majority of us have a chance to use the camera when we see a beautiful landscape when the desire overwhelms us to fix that image of which is apprehended by our eyes. Why do we do it? It is difficult to answer this question, but desire comes to get the camera for some reason to everyone who saw a beautiful, in his opinion, natural look. Long ago it was time to establish a gold monument for sir Kodak (I hope that it will be beautiful) for that fact he gave an inexpensive available camera into hands of mankind. After that we started living on another planet. Today each of us could use online BestBuy Coupon and choose a modern camera for taking pictures without any problems. If you take the trouble to make search the words «Beauty of the Earth» on the Internet, the huge number of amateur photos on which beautiful types of the quite different corners of the Earth are imprinted before will fall upon you. Professional works of masters from «National geographic» will sink in Niagara of the amateur pictures which have been laid out on the Internet. Now even it is difficult to present how the mankind lived before emergence of mass cameras. All inexhaustible variety of terrestrial beauty remained unknown and inaccessible to people. However, here we face a difficult question: what is the beauty? Try to ask yourself this question. And most of people will not be able to formulate the distinct answer. There is something like that: «m-m-m, well, beauty, it well, when is beautiful...». Let's address to the encyclopedia. This clever book will chilly inform us that the beauty is the esthetic not utilitarian, not practical category designating perfection, a harmonious combination of aspects of object at which the last causes in the observer esthetic pleasure. However, the all-known books make a reservation, beauty is this many-sided, in many respects an eclectic concept. In addition the encyclopedia specifies that as such a fine thing. Fine is the highest absolute degree of beauty.