Before the Creation of Cameras

      Therefore before exclaiming: "How beautiful it is! That's wonderful!" and to reach for the camera, you should think and analyze what you've seen. Perhaps you violate the truth? Really a lot of beauties of the Earth would seem not such attractive to the majority of people of the Earth if not a photo shop. Since antiquity the concept of beauty is one of the most important in the philosophy of the life perception. The beauty was perceived by Ancient Greek philosophers as the phenomenon objective and ontological in essence, connected with perfection of a universal with understanding of space as the world order, expediency, and an ornament. However, already Socrates started to consider the beauty not only as property of a matter but also as category of reason though for Socrates the beauty was one of the most important categories of a universe. The concept of the beauty was an embodiment of the benefit, perfection, and treated especially not rational but moral category for Aristotle. It was represented to Paton that the person till his birth stayed in the beauty sphere. The basis of creativity of this philosopher is made by a question of perception of the beauty. Certainly, you knew it without me I just wanted to keep up the conversation. However, a question about what to consider beautiful, and which landscape on the Earth is worthy you to take out your camera isn't as simple as it can seem. This is too uncertain concept what the beauty is. The history shows that samples, the beauty "standards" change very much in the different countries and cultures. Best of all this is appreciable on concept about the beauty of a human body. Certainly, everybody call a beautiful body without the appreciable expressed physical asymmetry and also an average on appearance. However there are preferences in each race and in different cultures in this respect. Let's remember at least as the ideal of man's and female beauty differs in Ancient Greece and Rome, in medieval Europe, during Rubens's era and today. As well as a beautiful landscape on somebody's look can seem unworthy attention to other viewer. Let's tell, the juicy greens on standard prompt of the Windows will please one viewer, and another will be depressed by the lack of a specific variety of a vegetative cover. However the majority of the pictures which have imprinted the beauty of the Earth please the audience irrespective of they have been taken by the fan pictures or the high-class professional.