Let's Share the Beauty

      And here I would like to remind of one more feature of concept of the beauty of the Earth nature. For certain you are acquainted that feeling about which I now will tell. You've seen a lot of times a certain delightful landscape in camera photos. It is familiar to you on the smallest details. You come to this place to see it with your own eyes and there is the feeling that actually nothing looks so. And not that actually it appeared ugly, and the camera photo beauty of the Earth nature, the most exact and truthful, appears not such as it is seen by your eyes. Everything is quite the same, as in familiar for a long time camera photos, but something is not so. Are you acquainted it? Yes, the camera has got its own conceptualize of the beauty. But nevertheless the camera, instead of a video camera remains our main ally in the preservation of our trip impressions. It is necessary to open the magazine, to turn on the TV set or the Internet, and the improbable quantity of the natural beauty falls upon us. The modest beauty of the North and the superfluous charm of tropics and frighteningly fine blue depths with bright spots of corals and lifeless but beautiful heaps of the stiffened lava all this pictures have already been watched a lot of times but they don't bother us for some reason. Moreover, for some reason we would like to take the camera in our hands and to photograph the beauty of the Earth that is already repeatedly photographed before us. I consider that it is not necessary to interfere with this desire. It is necessary to buy a camera which will suit you at the price and quality and to remove, remove, remove our Earth beauty to imprint it. While philosophers try to give the absolutely exact concept of beauty, we will keep together the beauty of our planet. However, let's reflect, whether everything is correct that we are doing, when we are going to imprint the look we like. Very often, considering the pictures made on a trip, we find out with surprise that we have got not what we wanted. For example you remove majestic snow-covered mountains. What can be simpler? Take out your camera to point-&-shoot! But you see in a picture that the huge mountains suddenly dry out and seem less than a cake because of the trees which have appeared in the foreground. The sun's light falls not from the side with what it is necessary for the effective illumination of a landscape. For some reason it was imperceptible during shooting, and even when it was watched on the camera display. It wasn't entirely shown on the full-size image. And even processing didn't help with a photo-shop. You should choose a correct shooting point, construct shot composition, and choose the necessary lighting. All this comes with your experience. Therefore it is necessary to remove and remove! Well and a studying of special literature on an art photo where receptions of competent statement of landscape shooting are in detail described will not be superfluous at all. Why not to assume that people of the future will start to model the landscapes to reproduce those beauty which appears by itself, without participation of the person on the Earth at development of boring inexpressive planets. Then the pictures of the Earth beauty made by both pastoralists and simple people of our planet also will come in handy.